The English Department                                        


Our mission is to help our students:

1.      realize that English is important in their life

2.      learn English in an interactive and fun way

3.      experience English learning opportunities that are everywhere

4.      be able to communicate in English as best as they can

5.      extend their knowledge and experience of western culture

6.      be responsible and accountable in their learning of English


 Since 2008, we have gradually developed and implemented our school-based junior form curriculum that primarily caters for the diverse learning needs of our students.  Different sets of materials were prepared for students in the elite group, core group and remedial group.  Some materials were also devised for SEN students.  To closely monitor individuals and further cater for their learning needs, post-exam tutorials were implemented for students with different abilities. In doing so, we aim to enhance our learners’ ability to grasp the skills in reading and writing the English language.