Our NET Teachers

Mr Fernando Linn
My name is Fernando Linn but you can call me Mr. Linn. I am excited to be here and the warm reception that I have received from this school has been wonderful. The teachers are very nice and the students are so sweet and kind. 
I am from Tucson, Arizona in the United States of America. Tucson is located in a very hot and dry desert. 
I am also a husband and a father. My wife Cecilia is a native of Hong Kong and I have a baby son named Emilio. 
As for my interests, I love to read history books especially books about ancient times. I am most fascinated with the Greeks and Romans. They had a lot of customs that would be considered bizarre today. For example, the Romans shared used toilet rags to wipe themselves. Disgusting! But fascinating.  
I also read lots of comic books. I am currently reading Wonder-Woman, Suicide Squad, Darth Vader, Star Wars and just about every Batman and Superman title. I love superheroes so much that I wrote my Master’s Degree dissertation on Batman and Superman.
Sports are also important in my life. I played American-football in high school and played baseball in various leagues from a youth to a young adult. My family and I love to go to sporting events together. Most of all, I really enjoy watching boxing because my Dad was an amateur boxer. 
Anyway, that’s just a little bit about me. I am enthusiastic and excited to work with such a fantastic staff of teachers and administrators. I am equally excited to chat with all of the students and I hope that many students visit me in the English Corner. The students can talk to me about anything! I love to chat. I know this will be a memorable and wonderful year! 

Mr Thomas Crothers 
Hello everybody, my name is Thomas Crothers, but most of you know me as Mr. Thomas! I am from Canada and from France, and I’ve been in Hong Kong for two years. I love teaching Hong Kong students as they are curious, kind, and hard-working. When I am not teaching, my hobbies are playing the guitar, hiking, cycling, climbing, playing team sports and playing video games. I love sports! I also love nature and the environment, so I try to live a low waste life and try to be kind to all animals. I hope you can try it too!